​All my life, I’ve craved that one person.

Who will find happiness. In my sad poetries.


Hopeless romantic

He was a magician who fell in love with a girl,

who neither believes in magic, nor in love!

He swims in the deeps and she stands on the sand.

He lives in the clouds and she walks on the land.

He’s trying to catch the moon for a girl who cries at nights.

He flies in the sky and she’s afraid of heights.

No, they just don’t match. This is all pointless.

He is so perfect and she’s just a mess.

But why don’t you ask him that why only she?

There are plenty of other girls who are so pretty.

He’ll smile and say that you can’t understand.

And might take out a bird from his empty hand.

He might heal a flower which is completely destroyed.

And might create everything, from just a void.

Confused people just clap, cheer and shout.

And this is what magic is all about.

And this is what love is all about.

​And there’s a reason why it is said ” TO FALL” in love,

And not “TO BE CAUGHT” in love,

And not “TO RISE” in love,

And not “TO FLY” in love.

They say that you “FALL” in love.

Of course, there’s a reason!